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Can You Buy Genie Bra on Amazon?

Did you type Genie Bra Amazon into your search engine like I did when I first heard of the Genie Bra? I understand. It’s human nature. I do it all the time. Every product I see that I want I’m looking up on Amazon these days. I love the ease of shopping on Amazon. I don’t even have to enter my credit card number anymore.  I also feel like Amazon gives me the best prices, no matter how much I comparison shop.

As much as I like to shop on Amazon and may be as much as you like to shop on Amazon you won’t find a Genie Bra Amazon entry. Sure, you’ll see cheap alternatives like the Barely There crop top, the Haynes Bandini, the Maia Bra Moving Comfort, or the Glamorise No Bounce Sports Bra. While they may look somewhat similar and promise the same things, let’s be clear: they are nothing like the Genie Bra!

Only the Genie Bra gives you that perfect fit, adequate support and the amazing comfort you’re looking for.  Besides, the Genie Bra is not just a sports bra. Sports bras let you fall out of the bottom, give you that lumpy single-breasted look, give you a sick sweaty feeling, and look horrible under your clothes.

So what gives? Why is there no Genie Bra Amazon offer, you wonder? I know, I like to read the Amazon Genie Bra testimonials at the very least. I found out that it can takes years for As Seen On TV offers to make it to the Amazon website. However, since the Genie Bra offer is still running on television, it’s not likely to appear on Amazon for a good long while.

The bottom line is that the initial running offer of As Seen On TV products is so good that you won’t need to “look for a good deal on Amazon.” You are already getting the best possible offer at rock bottom prices online right now, so don’t worry about a thing!  Maybe one day you’ll see a Genie Bra Amazon offer, but for now, just enjoy your six Genie Bras for $59.99 because offers like that don’t come around too often!

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