Genie Bra Reviews

Have You Read The Genie Bra Reviews?

The discerning customer likes to see what others are saying before making a purchase by phone or online, so it’s no surprise you’re here to find Genie Bra reviews. What you find may shock you!

You may find several different stories in your search for Genie Bra reviews. As when any product is reviewed by customers some Genie Bra reviews are positive and others had complaints. With out a doubt the vast majority of the reviews didn’t have any complaints. Most women who tried the Genie Bra loved it.

I’d say the #1 thing that most women wrote about in their reviews was that they loved how comfortable the Genie bra is. To me that makes a lot of sense since the Genie Bra is made with a special blend of stretchable but supportive fabric giving just the right fit and support any woman would want in a quality bra.

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However, not every review was glowing. There were two buyers who felt the fit isn’t quite right for them or that the order did not ship out as quickly as they had thought. The great thing about the 60-day satisfaction guarantee is that you can return the Genie bra for a full refund or exchange it for a different size.

I can understand why a woman would feel that the bra didn’t arrive soon enough. I know when I order things online it always feels like it takes a long time to get what I ordered. But that is mainly because I am so excited to get it. If you just don’t want to wait for standard delivery when you order your Genie Bra you can get express shipping for a few dollars more.

On the other hand, there are just as many Genie Bra reviews that are cast in a favorable light. One woman who wears a size 34DD said the medium size Genie Bras gave her “great lift and support” for everyday use, although she’d prefer the stability of a sports bra for running. She liked that there was “no uni-boob” and “no back fat bulges.”

Another woman, a 38 C, wrote in her Genie Bra review that she found the bra to be “very comfortable,” while giving her a perky lift. She liked the bra so much she even bought one for her mother who wears a 38 B. She compared the support caliber to a “decent underwire.”

Many women writing Genie Bra reviews mention they bought multiple Genie Bras. The fabric is nice, the pads offer added lift and protection, and the fit is comfortable as long as you order the correct size. “I forget I’m wearing them,” one reviewer says. “They feel like a tank top.”

Even a “smaller busted person” reviewed that she has no problems with “rolling” and she is relieved to finally find a bra that fits well and feels comfortable. On the other hand, larger wearers write in their Genie Bra reviews that they like how the bra hides back bulges for “a great, smooth look.”

After reading tons of Genie Bra reviews and comparing all the positive comments to a few complaints it was clear that by far the majority of women, regardless if they were small or large busted, loved the Genie Bra. Several women mentioned they felt secure in ordering the Genie Bra because of the wonderful 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee that the company has. They had nothing to lose other then the poking under wire and the uncomfortable fit of their old bras.

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Genie Bra vs Ahh Bra Review

Genie Bra vs Ahh Bra Review, Who Wins?

You may notice that the Genie Bra vs Ahh Bra appear to be the exact same product. In fact, the same model promotes both bras! Yet, you’re probably wondering if there are any major differences between the two and, naturally, which one is better. It’s true that the Ahh bra has received more publicity, having appeared on CNBC, Bloomberg Business Week and News Channel 5. However, the new Genie Bra offers many of the same features. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Genie Bra vs Ahh Bra: Features

Both bras are:

  • Machine Washable & Dryer Friendly
  • Made of 96% Nylon & 4% Spandex
  • Built Like Sports Bras With No Hooks or Tags
  • Available in White, Nude and Black
  • Sized Like Shirts
  • Wide-Strapped
  • Full Coverage

Genie Bra vs Ahh Bra: Price

Both products cost $59.99 plus shipping and handling. However, given the special online offers, the Ahh Bra only offers three bras for $60, whereas the Genie Bra gives you six bras for $60. The shipping and handling charges for your Genie Bras will be $12.99 per set of three for a total of $25.98. The Ahh Bra charges you $9.99 for six. The final tally with the Ahh Bra offer comes to $129.97, compared to $85.97 for the Genie Bra.

Genie Bra vs Ahh Bra: Warranty

Both bras promise you can try them and return them with no hassle whatsoever. Only, the Ahh Bra gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee, while the Genie Bra comes with a longer 60-day money-back warranty, which gives you more time to see if you really like it.

Genie Bra vs Ahh Bra: Bottom Line

These two bras are essentially the exact same thing. It’s just up to you which offer you prefer. Personally, I think the Genie Bra gives you better value for the money!

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Genie Bra As Seen On TV

Genie Bra As Seen On TV. What All Women Wish For!

The Genie Bra As Seen On TV speaks to a problem that so many women have. How many times have you wondered what your true bra size is? Sometimes you’re a B, sometimes a C. You may have fluctuated between a 32 and a 34 on more than one occasion. Every brand seems different. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find one bra that just fit like it should every time? The Genie Bra As Seen On TV is sized by your shirt for an easy and surprisingly accurate fit.

Another problem the Genie Bra As Seen On TV addresses is the problem of appearance. When you have a bra on beneath your clothes, you want it to provide full coverage, without looking unsightly. In other words, you want no odd lumps and no top bulge making it appear as though you have one giant breast. You don’t want your “you-know-whats” peeking through or the seams and lines of your bra design calling unnecessary attention there.

The Genie bra takes care of these problems because it smooths out your skin so you don’t have bulges. It doesn’t make any different what bra size you were or your weight. If you get the wrong size bra you can look lumpy and unattractive. The Genie bra as seen on TV infomercials removes this concern because of the supportive band at the bottom of the bra and the comfortable stretch fabric it is made out of.

If you wear a sports bra then you know how they can create that “uni-boob” look and squish everything together. If you saw the Genie bra on tv you saw how you can wear it with your sport or active wear and still have comfort, be nicely shaped and have the support you need.

Many bras are just downright uncomfortable, but not the Genie Bra As Seen On TV! The Genie Bra is made of tightly woven nylon and spandex, which gives you a little bit of spring without restrictiveness. The microfiber outer-layer is soft against the skin and there are no wires or tags to aggravate you to no end.

Another great feature that they designed into the Genie bra is the support below the bra will not roll up on you. You’ll find you don’t need an underwire support with the Genie Bra.

The Genie Bra As Seen On TV is also more affordable than most bras you’ll find in stores, even if you consider shipping and handling charges. The truth is, people like to complain they have to pay for postage, but with the Genie Bra As Seen On TV offer, you really can’t go wrong. Right now they are giving away 6 bras for just $59.99 plus shipping and handling in a special “Buy-3-get-3-Free” deal. Liberate yourself from negative past experiences with bra fitting and try the one bra that provides an ideal fit for everyone, whether busty or petite.

When you order it online it also comes with the great Genie Bra As Seen On TV 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied ship it back for a full refund.

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Genie Bra Coupons

Where Can I Find Genie Bra Coupons?

Chances are, if you’ve discovered the miracle of the Genie Bra on TV or online, you will hit the Internet looking for Genie Bra coupons… and why not? It seems every manufacturer has a coupon, special offer, discount code or special running online these days. Even though the Genie Bra feels comfortable, fits great and looks fabulous – which is a deal in and of itself – you’d think there would be a way to get even better value by using a coupon. Good news: there is! Only, the Genie Bra coupons deal does not work how you might think.

Rather than offer Genie Bra coupons through sites like Retail Me Not, Coupon Code or Coupon Cabin, the makers of the amazing Genie Bra have decided to offer buyers, such as yourself, unprecedented value right through their As Seen On TV site. Just as they make it easy for you to find the right fit, they make it easy for you to get the cheapest price on Genie Bras, without having to shop around looking for a coupon.

You won’t need to look up or enter any Genie Bra coupons codes. Instead, just choose whether you want 1 set of 3 Genie Bras for $59.99 or 2 sets of 3 Genie Bras for $59.99! That’s right: the Internet Genie Bra offer is an exciting, unparalleled deal where you essentially get two sets for the price of one. That is better then any Genie Bra coupon you could find!

Genie Bra coupons simply don’t exist. You can’t buy the Genie Bra on or For some women this might sound like bad news, but for others, that just goes to show you are already getting the best possible deal directly through the manufacturer.

Besides, some shoppers like the exclusivity of finding something that is only available online. You could make the Genie Bra your best kept secret.

Forget about looking for fickle Genie Bra coupons because you can order your Genie Bras online directly from the manufacturer.

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Genie Bra Testimonials

When I first I saw the Genie Bra on TV and it was VERY convincing, but I wanted to find some Genie Bra testimonials online before I dug out my credit card and anxiously awaited my shipment of not one, but SIX Genie Bras.

It seemed like too good a deal to be real, since I’m used to paying $60 just for one Victoria’s Secret bra that honestly doesn’t fit that well to begin with and, while comfortable at first, ends up digging  my skin with protruding underwire before long. There has to be a better way… right?

It wasn’t hard to find a lot of very happy women who were wearing the Genie Bra and were happy to leave testimonials on how wonderful it was. The Genie Bra testimonials I was most interested in were located right on the As Seen On TV site. I wanted to know exactly what the makers of this bra wanted their core messages for buyers to be.

The first testimonial spoke of her frustration with being a different size every time she went bra shopping. “Yeah, you’re speaking my language,” I thought!

The next testimonial was an athlete who had a ton of different sports bras and hates the way they push up against her or become worn out after just a few wears. I gave up on lousy sports bras years ago.

The third testimonial said she likes how there is no poking and that the bra is comfortable enough to sleep in. “A bra that doesn’t poke into my skin or through my shirt? Show me it and I’ll buy it!” I thought in response to the Genie Bra testimonials. The last testimonial spoke to every woman’s desire for a bra that can go through the washing machine and dryer unscathed. I could go on for quite a while sharing all the great Genie Bra testimonials I found on the As Seen on TV site.

I think what we’re as women are universally looking for here is EASE, COMFORT and SUPPORT, right? We just all want a  no-nonsense bra that is sized like our shirts, can go through the wash like our shirts, that feels comfortable, and looks great even after several months of wear. The Genie Bra testimonials have definitely convinced me that with the Genie Bra you can get the best of all worlds.

If the Genie Bra testimonials are any indication of how easy, comfortable and supportive the Genie Bra is then it should be a joy to wear, no matter what your bust size is. One of the things that most of the testimonials mentioned is how easy it is to pick the right size.

The Official Genie Bra web site has a easy to understand sizing chart so you can quickly find the right size by using your shirt or blouse size. It couldn’t be any easier. If you tend to wear both a Large or X-Large shirt then select the smaller of the two sizes.

I have a pretty good feeling as more women order and start wearing the Genie Bra we will see a lot more positive Genie Bra testimonials. Who knows may be I’ll even run across your glowing Genie Bra testimonial one day.

Click Here To Read More Genie Bra Testimonials From Women Like You.

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Genie Bra Amazon

Can You Buy Genie Bra on Amazon?

Did you type Genie Bra Amazon into your search engine like I did when I first heard of the Genie Bra? I understand. It’s human nature. I do it all the time. Every product I see that I want I’m looking up on Amazon these days. I love the ease of shopping on Amazon. I don’t even have to enter my credit card number anymore.  I also feel like Amazon gives me the best prices, no matter how much I comparison shop.

As much as I like to shop on Amazon and may be as much as you like to shop on Amazon you won’t find a Genie Bra Amazon entry. Sure, you’ll see cheap alternatives like the Barely There crop top, the Haynes Bandini, the Maia Bra Moving Comfort, or the Glamorise No Bounce Sports Bra. While they may look somewhat similar and promise the same things, let’s be clear: they are nothing like the Genie Bra!

Only the Genie Bra gives you that perfect fit, adequate support and the amazing comfort you’re looking for.  Besides, the Genie Bra is not just a sports bra. Sports bras let you fall out of the bottom, give you that lumpy single-breasted look, give you a sick sweaty feeling, and look horrible under your clothes.

So what gives? Why is there no Genie Bra Amazon offer, you wonder? I know, I like to read the Amazon Genie Bra testimonials at the very least. I found out that it can takes years for As Seen On TV offers to make it to the Amazon website. However, since the Genie Bra offer is still running on television, it’s not likely to appear on Amazon for a good long while.

The bottom line is that the initial running offer of As Seen On TV products is so good that you won’t need to “look for a good deal on Amazon.” You are already getting the best possible offer at rock bottom prices online right now, so don’t worry about a thing!  Maybe one day you’ll see a Genie Bra Amazon offer, but for now, just enjoy your six Genie Bras for $59.99 because offers like that don’t come around too often!

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Genie Bra Review – Buy 3 Get 3 Free

Good bras are expensive. When I heard you could get six Genie Bras for less then $60 I had to write a Genie Bra review. If the Genie Bra is as good as the infomercials as seen on TV said they were then it was a great deal. If they were over prices junk I wanted to know.

I also wanted to know how the Genie Bra was vs the Ahh bra that has been around for years. I was interested in finding real testimonials from real women who bought and wore the Genie Bra. I wanted to read their reviews of the Genie Bra. Did they love it or just hate it? I’m always looking for a good deal so I also wanted to know if there were any  Genie Bra coupons or if I could buy it at retail or online stores like Walmart or Amazon.

I will cover all these questions and more in my Genie Bra review. I’ll also include reviews and testimonials from users of the Genie Bra. I will say if the Genie Bra is half as good as the reviews I have read then it is the buy of the century.

I understand that not all Genie Bra reviews are accurate because as one reviewer stated they know that not everyone buys the right size so their Genie Bra reviews are not based on the right information.  I know it can be hard buying clothes or a bra online without trying it on to make sure it is the right size. Fortunately the Genie Bra does come with a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee. If by chance you get the wrong size in the Genie bra you can send it back and get a refund or a different size.

Coupons are always good, or are they. If you are looking for a Genie Bra coupon then in reality the bra price is marked up so they can offer a coupon. In the reviews I read no one mentioned using a coupon. I also haven’t found any Genie Bra coupons and don’t expect to find any until they release the Genie Bra to retail stores.

Right now you can’t find the Genie Bra at Walmart or Amazon. They bra is so new and is so popular the manufacturer is selling it directly to control back orders and keep the cost down. Buying direct keeps middle men out like Walmart and Amazon so it is a good deal for everyone. And you don’t have to hunt around for coupons.

I’ll post testimonials and reviews for other women as I write my Genie Bra review. I’ll include likes, dislikes, complaints, how it compares with the Ahh bra and if it is as good as the infomercials as seen on TV show it to be. This will most likely be the most honest and comprehensive of all the Genie Bra reviews you will read. I’ll give it to you straight.

But I’ll give you this heads up. I love what I am reading and seeing about the Genie Bra! That being said, this will still be the most honest Genie Bra review you’ll find.

Click here to see if the Genie Bra is available in your size.

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